It’s not just transgender people: public restrooms have bred fear for centuries

Vox, May 27, 2016, Sarah Frostenson and Zachary Crockett

Fears over sharing bathrooms with those who are different from us have roots that extend back more than 150 years: Fear created the gender-segregated bathroom and the race-segregated bathroom — and today, fear continues to govern our uncertainty with transgender-friendly facilities.

Stochastic Terrorism: Lone Wolf Violence

Insider, Nov 8, 2022, Erin Snodgrass

Stochastic terrorism is a “lone wolf” type of extremist violence that occurs when a group of people has been dehumanized and othered. Those prone to such violence have a strong sense of moral righteousness, and have created a strict binary between good and evil, casting their enemies as villains.

“Parent’s Rights” is a dog whistle for white supremacy

The Blog for Arizona, April 3, 2023, Dianne Post

“Parents’ rights” is misleading, unlawful, and is a dog whistle for white supremacy. The movement’s goal is to undermine the public education system so that taxpayer dollars can be rerouted to religious schools. It seeks to limit education, which is a danger to democracy.

Example of Stochastic Terrorism: Zip ties & death threats for elementary school principal

International Business Times, Sept. 5, 2021, Nirmeeti Patole

Three men with zip ties attempted to arrest an elementary school principal during the school day because of the school’s compliance with county health department covid rules. The principal said she received a death threat immediately after the encounter. “The next time it will be a barrel pointed at your Nazi face…Remember, Tucson is a small community and you have a target on your back for enforcing unlawful orders.”

Arizona official targeted by election deniers now struggles with PTSD

Washington Post, May 6, 2023, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez

“First came the misinformation. Then the relentless criticism and violent threats. Under attack, the county official struggled to cope with his anger…A therapist would soon tell him he was experiencing classic signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition typically associated with wartime veterans and violent assaults.”