‘The point is intimidation’: Florida teachers besieged by draconian laws

The Guardian, May 13, 2023, Steven Greenhouse

Teachers say they’re feeling more disrespected, unappreciated and under attack than ever before by new vague laws championed by Governor Ron DeSantis. They say that DeSantis has targeted them as part of a culture war and that, as a result, they’re considering either giving up teaching or finding a teaching job in another state.

Transgender Youth: ‘Forced outing’ bills make schools unsafe

ABC News, March 22, 2023, Hannah Schoenbaum & Sean Murphy

Forced-outing laws for schools could create life-threatening situations for those kids with unsupportive families. Forcing teachers to call home and “tell the parent things that those children have told them in confidence is going to hurt kids, it’s going to get kids beat.”