Their Fight is our Fight

Tucson Sentinel, May 1, 2023, Blake Morlock

The CFSD, “Governing Board canceled a meeting last week, fearing violence…I can’t speak to life as a transgender kid but their fight is our fight…History has shown us how…everyone is an enemy who fails to follow very specific orthodoxy as prescribed by propaganda…The hatred (to) these kids (kids!) harkens back to what the early Ku Klux Klan had against newly freed slaves. Why are they turning their hate on kids?”

USA Today columnist on “Why, as a parent, I sympathize with my students’ moms & dads – not politicians using them”

USA Today, April 15, 2023, Larry Strauss

Opinion columnist for USA Today writes, “Parents at odds with their child’s sexual orientation or gender identity and who express intolerance about it are harming their children. This might not always rise to the level of reportable child abuse, but it is abusive, and no educator who cares about kids should support it.”

Schools owe a special duty to trans kids

Tucson Sentinel, April 13, 2023, Rex Scott

District 1 Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott writes, “We must show that we have learned from a painful past that “otherizing” any child is dangerous, shameful and wrong…you owe a special duty to children and teenagers who for too long have felt that what they are most likely to be taught is to despise themselves.”

Angry intruders speak against trans students

Blog for Arizona, April 11, 2023, Kim Bayne

“The evening of Tuesday, April 4th (was)…another school board meeting full of “concerned parents” aka “angry proselytizing intruders sent on a mission from their churches…repeating the same convoluted talking points about transgender bathroom rights and student privacy. These “paid actors”…voiced their pre-packaged, off-the-shelf opinions against students’ privacy rights while whining like victims about the district’s nondiscrimination policy.”