Threats cause CFSD to cancel meeting

AZ Daily Star, Apr 27, 2023, Jamie Donnelly

A CFSD governing board meeting was cancelled at the request of the school board’s leaders, after a threat of violence directed at the governing board and administration who would be in the meeting room. Conservative media outlets, including Fox News and the Daily Caller website, have put a spotlight on the district.

Religious Rights Attacks on School Boards: Facts & Talking Points

Secular AZ

Attacks on school boards are a coordinated, national “astroturf” operation, orchestrated through a web of deep-pocketed donors and strategists via the religious right. Their manufactured outrage erodes trust for public schools and clears the way for school privatization. Read on for facts and talking points.

School board battleground: Emotions erupt

NBC 12 Local News, April 24, 2023 Hunter Bassler & Joe Dana

School board meetings recently are not just about budgets and student awards. Emotions are high over what is taught and what is tolerated. Three education experts discuss the issues: President of the Arizona Teachers Association, Director of Government Relations for the Arizona School Boards Association, and Deputy Superintendent of the Arizona Department of Education.

Students from across Tucson are part of CFSD’s Success

Desert Leaf, May 5, 2023, David Hatfield

Students in CFSD are among the very highest performing in Arizona, according to rankings by Niche, US News & World Report, and others. The AZ Dept. of Education awarded a letter grade of “A” to every one of the district’s schools for the 2021-2022 school year. According to the College and Work Readiness Assessment, CFHS seniors on average outperform college freshman. This is because of the work of CFSD’s professional educators and the students themselves.

“Parent’s Rights” is a dog whistle for white supremacy

The Blog for Arizona, April 3, 2023, Dianne Post

“Parents’ rights” is misleading, unlawful, and is a dog whistle for white supremacy. The movement’s goal is to undermine the public education system so that taxpayer dollars can be rerouted to religious schools. It seeks to limit education, which is a danger to democracy.

Example of Stochastic Terrorism: Zip ties & death threats for elementary school principal

International Business Times, Sept. 5, 2021, Nirmeeti Patole

Three men with zip ties attempted to arrest an elementary school principal during the school day because of the school’s compliance with county health department covid rules. The principal said she received a death threat immediately after the encounter. “The next time it will be a barrel pointed at your Nazi face…Remember, Tucson is a small community and you have a target on your back for enforcing unlawful orders.”

A Colorado Dad on “becoming a school board activist when extremists took over” his daughter’s school board

Public Voices for Public Schools, Feb. 13, 2023, Matt Gawlowski

An “introverted data nerd… republican” dad in Colorado writes, “Like so many school districts across the country right now…(our school district) is being torn apart by politics. School board meetings are contentious, students are afraid and teachers are threatening to leave. Our community is fracturing…When I saw that the teachers and students in our local schools needed parents like me to speak up when they couldn’t, I had no choice but to step up. I hope that my story will inspire folks in communities where similar battles are raging to do the same.”

TX Baptist Pastor on “School Boards handling right-wing conspiracy theories & fear of the LGBTQ community”

Baptist News Global, April 8, 2021, Mark Wingfield

A Texas Baptist pastor writes, “God bless you, teachers and administrators and school board members. God bless you with strength to endure the barrage of selfish, ill-informed parents who are living in such fear that their kids will become uncomfortable in some way and want you to turn an entire district to their way of thinking. God bless you with courage to keep on doing the right thing for all kids when a few parents make themselves…morality experts and demand to be heard with their… propaganda. Most of the time… parents (of marginalized children) simply want there to be room for their kids, a safe place to learn and grow. And that requires more than reading, writing and arithmetic.”