Christian nationalists target public schools

The Baptist News, Feb 24, 2023, Jeff Brumley

A multi-state campaign – Project Blitz – is the force behind many of the legislative efforts to promote Christian nationalism in American schools. The group operates behind the scenes in many statehouses. “They create model legislation for lawmakers to literally just copy, paste and file.”

“They and others…want to transform public schools into conservative Christian strongholds.” Other means of introducing Christian nationalism in the schools include book bans, school board takeovers and prohibitions of teaching about racial and LGBTQ issues.

Religious Right’s Attacks on School Boards: Facts & Talking Points

Secular AZ

In recent years, we’ve seen concerted attacks on school boards, with protests erupting across Arizona (and the country). Though press coverage often suggests
that the phenomenon is a “grassroots” movement, these attacks are actually a coordinated, national “astroturf” operation, orchestrated and facilitated through
a web of deep-pocketed donors and strategists via the religious right.