CFSD pushes back after State Superintendent comments

KVOA, Jun 13, 2023, Chorus Nylander

Two local school districts were put on blast during a press conference last week held by State Superintendent Tom Horne.

CFSD responded, “It’s disheartening to see that a person who was elected to strengthen Arizona public schools is instead using his press conferences to tarnish them. We respect any student’s preference regarding how they are addressed in school, be it a nickname or a pronoun request. However, as students are informed, if a parent were to inquire, our staff do not keep this information from parents. Further, we encourage students to discuss these matters with their parents.”

CFSD Raises Base Salary to $50K for First-Year Teachers

Desert Leaf, June 2023, David Hatfield

“Raising teachers’ salaries has been our budget priority for decades,” said CFSD Superintendent Mary Kamerzell. “That said, if we had the resources, we would love to add at least $10,000 per teacher immediately. Perhaps the Legislature and Governor will…add state funding earmarked for teacher pay raises.”

Board President Eileen Jackson said she has no intention to ask for the nondiscrimination policy and practices regarding trans students to be slated on a school board agenda. The only other option to place the item on the agenda would be for two of the four other board members to request it, but none has expressed an interest in doing so. She reiterated that much of what speakers at the school board meetings have suggested is contrary to law. “Equally – and maybe more – important to me is the fact that our practices are supported by reputable research on the positive effects of gender affirming practices on the physical, mental, and emotional health of our students.”

Threats cause CFSD to cancel meeting

AZ Daily Star, Apr 27, 2023, Jamie Donnelly

A CFSD governing board meeting was cancelled at the request of the school board’s leaders, after a threat of violence directed at the governing board and administration who would be in the meeting room. Conservative media outlets, including Fox News and the Daily Caller website, have put a spotlight on the district.

Students from across Tucson are part of CFSD’s Success

Desert Leaf, May 5, 2023, David Hatfield

Students in CFSD are among the very highest performing in Arizona, according to rankings by Niche, US News & World Report, and others. The AZ Dept. of Education awarded a letter grade of “A” to every one of the district’s schools for the 2021-2022 school year. According to the College and Work Readiness Assessment, CFHS seniors on average outperform college freshman. This is because of the work of CFSD’s professional educators and the students themselves.

Their Fight is our Fight

Tucson Sentinel, May 1, 2023, Blake Morlock

The CFSD, “Governing Board canceled a meeting last week, fearing violence…I can’t speak to life as a transgender kid but their fight is our fight…History has shown us how…everyone is an enemy who fails to follow very specific orthodoxy as prescribed by propaganda…The hatred (to) these kids (kids!) harkens back to what the early Ku Klux Klan had against newly freed slaves. Why are they turning their hate on kids?”

Schools owe a special duty to trans kids

Tucson Sentinel, April 13, 2023, Rex Scott

District 1 Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott writes, “We must show that we have learned from a painful past that “otherizing” any child is dangerous, shameful and wrong…you owe a special duty to children and teenagers who for too long have felt that what they are most likely to be taught is to despise themselves.”