School board battleground: Emotions erupt

NBC 12 Local News, April 24, 2023 Hunter Bassler & Joe Dana

School board meetings recently are not just about budgets and student awards. Emotions are high over what is taught and what is tolerated. Three education experts discuss the issues: President of the Arizona Teachers Association, Director of Government Relations for the Arizona School Boards Association, and Deputy Superintendent of the Arizona Department of Education.

It’s not just transgender people: public restrooms have bred fear for centuries

Vox, May 27, 2016, Sarah Frostenson and Zachary Crockett

Fears over sharing bathrooms with those who are different from us have roots that extend back more than 150 years: Fear created the gender-segregated bathroom and the race-segregated bathroom — and today, fear continues to govern our uncertainty with transgender-friendly facilities.

Anti-Trans Bathroom Hysteria is based on a Myth

Vox, Feb 22, 2017, By German Lopez

The debate over bathrooms is based on a myth. The examples cited by some to prove the “bathroom predator” myth are actually examples of men doing awful things regardless of the law — which has, unfortunately, happened since the beginning of civilization. They are not, as has been alleged, examples of predators taking advantage of nondiscrimination laws meant to let trans people use the bathroom or locker room for their gender identity.

A Colorado Dad on “becoming a school board activist when extremists took over” his daughter’s school board

Public Voices for Public Schools, Feb. 13, 2023, Matt Gawlowski

An “introverted data nerd… republican” dad in Colorado writes, “Like so many school districts across the country right now…(our school district) is being torn apart by politics. School board meetings are contentious, students are afraid and teachers are threatening to leave. Our community is fracturing…When I saw that the teachers and students in our local schools needed parents like me to speak up when they couldn’t, I had no choice but to step up. I hope that my story will inspire folks in communities where similar battles are raging to do the same.”